I could probably google this but are the literacy rates declining in the US? If I remember right, they were.
I’m trying to figure out the literacy peak for the US, but I don’t know if we have reached that point yet

Yes but why does no one do TMI Tuesday anymore

I really liked that though.


sakuracon 2014 cosplays: touko fukawa

i was so glad to finally be able to wear this to a con! despite the rain outside we still got some good photos ;v;


so a while ago I found this painful video a dude had made of “TOP TEN HOTTEST FEMALE SONIC CHARACTERS!!!” and it’s just a guy talking about which Sonic characters he wants to pork for like TEN MINUTES

my friend took the audio from that video, trimmed it down, and put it over footage of the actual animals along with some smooth jazz and it is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen


very cute QUAIL making QUAIL NOISES


HAPPY EARTH DAY PEOPLE!!! here is a video from last night ;-) my new Atomic Evoke hoop its absolutely beautiful I’m in LOVE <3 

yay my theme looks so much cuter now uwu

I’m changing my theme since like 2012


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl







Designed especially for APH Lithuania.

I need to purchase that sweater